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No, it gets fairly chilly for guaranteed. Lesley [00:02:00] Wow.

Great to know. Attention-grabbing.

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What big are you using? Oh, I know you- you are- you concluded a B. A. at U of T.

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And now you might be making use of to regulation college. Is that right?Hamza [00:02:14] Yeah. So I just concluded a B.

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A. in peace conflict and justice scientific tests and ethics, society, and law. So they’re both equally interdisciplinary systems. Lesley [00:02:23] That is fascinating.

And then you just used-Hamza [00:02:28] You wanna know more about ’em, or?Lesley [00:02:28] Yeah, go in advance!Hamza [00:02:29] They are form of funky. Yeah, they are kind of appealing. I know most people are likely to scratch their head when I say peace conflict and justice reports and ethics essay culture and legislation, and they are like what does that even indicate? I feel like a really common way of executing points on your way to regulation school is political science or international relations.

And these are actually not disciplines that exist academically. So this is an interdisciplinary strategy to knowing precisely the themes of peace, conflict, and justice, for case in point, the place you might be studying IR, you happen to be studying sociology, socio biology in some circumstances, political sciences, record, geography. Like, it’s a mix of anything. And so, for illustration, if you might be hoping to analyze a conflict like Rwanda, they are going to give you all the features close to it in the confl- bordering the notion of Rwanda and the Rwanda genocide in 1994.

So that way you get a extra holistic knowing of what happened down there. Lesley Willie M. Miller FanStory Profile [00:03:24] Oh, which is attention-grabbing. So it is really far more like a- much more of a, like a world peacekeeping kind of scale as opposed to like a, your normal justice technique like inside, like say, a prov- provincial court docket or some thing like that. Hamza [00:03:39] Yeah, precisely. So the ethics, society, and regulation which is, that- I’m double majoring. So the second important would almost certainly- it could be anything I guess, it is dependent on the way that you determine to- it is really almost like a build your own degree.

So for ethics, modern society, and legislation, I chose to- to concentrate a lot more on immigration and, like, refugee legislation. And that also went hand-in-hand with what I was accomplishing for peace conflict and justice, which I believe tends to acquire a a lot more international approach, although it does not always have to simply because you select the programs that you want to place into it.

Lesley [00:04:07] Appropriate. Interesting. What acquired you into that?Hamza [00:04:14] Um, I- really frankly, I think it was a misunderstanding of what the application was. I- I- I hope that- I definitely discovered my lesson. Lesley [00:04:23] Appropriate. Hamza [00:04:23] But yeah. So I appeared at, for ethics, culture, and law, I normally realized that I was interested in law.

That was type of a easy shot for it, mainly because when- when you happen to be learning legislation, you’re studying all the concomitants of it as perfectly. When- when you might be in legislation faculty. So ethics, the spirit of the legislation, that sort of things, how you happen to be intended to carry out your self inside the legal subject. And then society, I guess, is what formulates the legislation, what framework it operates all around. And then legislation definitely is the central main of going into legal scientific studies.

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