Car all-round view system: how it works, do-it-yourself installation.

Car all-round view system: how it works, do-it-yourself installation.

Good day to all! If you are here, then you are definitely interested in the all-round view system for the car.

It is a mistake to think that now you can only buy a car with a factory complete set, where such equipment is provided. In Jbl Explorer Portable Wireless Speaker-manual | PDF | Headphones | Computer File fact, it is also possible to independently install a system capable of displaying what is happening around the vehicle in 360 degrees.

For the first time, such a development was proposed by Nissan engineers. As an option, the Japanese equipped their cars with cameras that provided the same all-round view. Due to this, the parking system received a new round of its development.

What is it.

To begin with, let’s find out in more detail about what kind of a circular view system it is, and what capabilities it has.

Understanding how 360-degree view works is not difficult.

As already mentioned, for the first time such a system was proposed by the Japanese from the Nissan company. Their development is called Around View Monitor, or simply AVM. There are also Area View, AMV systems from other manufacturers.

The main task is to demonstrate to the driver the environment around his vehicle. For this, a panoramic picture in real time is displayed on the display inside the cabin. This system simplifies maneuvering and parking in tight spaces.

It was originally a simple set of cameras. Then the system became more intelligent. Now it is often combined with the function of a video recorder, that is, it records and stores data from cameras. Moreover, it can form one general picture, or it can be recorded separately from each camera.

The system works on the basis of special software integrated into the control unit responsible for active safety. The minimum number of cameras is 4:

One front. Installation is carried out in the area of ​​the radiator grill; Two side. Mounted in side mirrors; Back. Usually this is a frame with a camera, or somewhere in the area of ​​the license plate.

At the same time, cameras must have a maximum viewing angle in order to form an integral picture without gaps. As a result, a panoramic image is formed.

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