Dalan Therapy Lavendel Shampoo

Dalan Therapy Lavendel Shampoo
Dalan Therapy Lavendel Shampoo

Product Specifications:

Product Name: Dermal Healing Lotion

Date: Sep 5, 2002, 08:28 PM

Vitamins: GSS (Gentle Sodium Sulfate)

Size: M3-Dalan


Lavendel Shampoo & Conditioner

Potion: All Natural

Dalan Therapy Lavendel Shampoo


* Lotion in brand may vary slightly from the other brands; no “official” recommendation. All product may contain Vitamin C, E Vitamins C1, E-Cuprolites, and other mineral-rich ingredients. Use of this product is not recommended by the manufacturer except by dermatologists/applicants and may have adverse health effects. Always opt for the safest, more effective and most effective of all products. Skin may appear smoother in these products. Always clean or use gently to prevent light tanning, sunburn, wrinkles, and sensitive skin areas of the body. Skin is NOT recommended with this product in any form. Dermal healing Lotion for Skin Treatment.


* Determines effective skin aging (skin aging is called aging by the old person after he or she sees an improvement). In short, skin aging decreases the amount of collagen, fat and other protein in skin by removing free amino acids.

* Makes
Dalan Therapy Lavendel Shampoo

The following products are not included in the “Dalan Therapy” package. Please do not purchase these products for your hair care needs.

This product was given for use with hair conditioning products at Salon Maxima.


Product Description

As our hair conditioner grows darker and more sensitive, this product provides natural moisture that can be taken up and used for other areas while the oil also maintains a more gentle touch and is suitable for use with more delicate hair.

This product was given to us as a gift in December 2013. By the time we received their product, we knew if we went through with those necessary procedures, we could never be happy we did not include it in our collection.

This product is formulated to help with some of the more sensitive needs of our hair, but a lot more. The oils and cleansers it uses are based on a number of factors including how and even how thick you use it, its quality, and, the thickness of oil being used. The oil that is used is formulated to give an anaerobic activity. However, many of the oils and cleansers we use are based on this to provide your natural, healthy look. This product is derived from our natural source of l